It all began with a timid little girl who sang because she wanted to and not because anyone was listening. Then at the age of ten Jenny Banai picked up her great grandfather’s violin, the strings of which would ring out once again after having fallen silent for so long. Since then she has never stopped playing or singing. Entering her twenties, she discovered within herself a pearl of poetry, a journey of honest liturgy. As the journey continued to unfold, it became evident, the sounds coming from her were destined to be unveiled. Early Fall of 2015 dawned the release of Jenny's carefully crafted debut album, 'flowering head'. She collaborated with Vancouver's fairy folk artist, Jordan Klassen and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Klenner, who delicately couriered an array of instrumentation to help preserve an intimate yet colourful sound to suit her unconventional melodies. If anyone wants to hear music like it is the first time again, or if anyone needs to be awakened somewhere deep inside, listen… for haunting violins fading in from the distance--the tinkling of a ukulele round a midnight flame--the strum of a guitar as it swells and stills like the waves of the sea. Her voice is radiant like the sun with the solace of a wind chime. Jenny’s voice is scarlet.

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All photos on this website by Meghan Hemstra