When the music began and the first verse was sung, the crowd seemed as utterly captivated as I was  (Noelle Jones- local music enthusiast); an accurate account of the holy hush so prevalent at the first haunting notes sung by Vancouver's songstress, Jenny Banai. Her voice has been described as 'explosively fluid' and likened to the playful warmth of Joni Mitchell, melded with the soulful tresses of Feist. Though armed with years of classical training and performance experience, she embodies an experimental essence and spontaneity, stemming from the imaginative early years of her childhood. An interweaving of liturgical poems and unconventional melodies are the patchwork that is her debut, flowering head. The soft intimate lyrics and melodies and intricate happenings cloud this piece with fullness, Jenny notes of the aforementioned. I am discovering more in my heart through every moment it speaks, and I hope it will continue to openly speak.

There’s no shortage of soothing positivity in flowering head, but the depths she finds confronting adversity make for the most powerful—and poignant—revelation of the gift she’s sharing (Grey Owl Point) 

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