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A remarkably talented singer. Her voice is agile and expressive, with uncommon power and control.

I’ve watched her stun audiences in clubs and living rooms—including my own!—with her intriguing songs and her charming, unpretentious presentation. (Radio Host and Hip Hop Artist, Shad)

When the music began and the first verse was sung, the crowd seemed as utterly captivated as I was. Jenny Banai’s explosively fluid voice paired with the meaningful lyrics and playful melodies facilitated by the band was enough to make me momentarily forget that this was only the first band of the night (Noelle Kathleen Jones)

Banai’s big sound and wide vocal range were quite impressive and one couldn’t be faulted for being reminded of other Canadian acts such as Leslie Feist and Andy Shauf (Spill Magazine)


A holy hush so prevails a room at the first haunting notes sung by Vancouver’s songstress Jenny Banai. Her voice has been described as ‘explosively fluid’, and her performances, ‘utterly captivating’. Armed with classical training on both voice and violin, Jenny performs live on electric guitar and brings a unique vision to the creation of powerful progressive pop music in a style which can be compared to Patrick Watson, Feist and Andy Shauf.

Her self-released 2015 debut album Flowering Head created a buzz leading to four cross Canada tours, performing with Nettwerk artist Jon Bryant on his 2016 Canadian tour. That same year she collaborated on a documentary short film, featured on Global News, called Where We Come Home and early 2017 Jenny’s song Boars was featured on the second season of The Drive.

Jenny Banai’s musical talent has won the support of CBC’s Michael Juk, and former CBC host of Q and Juno Award winning hip-hop artist Shad. After drawing the attention of her current managers Trish Klein (Hidden City, The Be Good Tanyas) and Mandy Wheelwright (Frazey Ford, The Be Good Tanyas, Twin Bandit) she was subsequently introduced to Aaron Schubert of Paquin, who is also keen to represent her for future bookings through Paquin Artist Agency.

Management have been communicating with label interests, Justin West (Secret City), Mark Jowat (Nettwerk), Chris Swanson (Secretly Canadian), Graham Stairs (Pop Guru), and others, with the goal of securing a label partnership for Jenny’s forthcoming release. Having received support from both Factor and Music BC already, Jenny is in the midst of recording her second full-length album, Couch Walker at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver with co-producer Scott Currie and engineer John Raham.


Andy Shauf, Patrick Watson, Josh Garrels, Garth Stevenson, Cranberries