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“When the music began and the first verse was sung, the crowd seemed as utterly captivated as I was. Jenny Banai’s explosively fluid voice paired with the meaningful lyrics and playful melodies facilitated by the band was enough to make me momentarily forget that this was only the first band of the night” (Noelle Kathleen Jones)
"There’s no shortage of soothing positivity in flowering head, but the depths she finds confronting adversity make for the most powerful—and poignant—revelation of the gift she’s sharing." (Grey Owl Point)


A holy hush so prevails a room at the first haunting notes sung by Vancouver’s songstress, Jenny Banai. Her voice has been described as ‘explosively fluid’, and her performance, ‘utterly captivating’. Though armed with classical training, she embodies an experimental essence and spontaneity stemming from the early years of her childhood. Collaborating with Vancouver’s Jordan Klassen and Daniel Klenner on the production and arrangement of her debut, 'Flowering Head', a careful depiction of her delicate beginnings and dreamful incentives emerged with a sound reminiscent of Feist's earlier hits. Galloping guitar notes, swoon-y violin and punchy dry beats mingle with her playful melodies, illuminating any given space. Lifting and lilting with winsome calmness to gripping soul passion, she touches on the close weightiness of her own life outstretching to the adversity of the world. Wrestling towards contentment, she collides with a deep-rooted understanding, in a space beyond her, that ‘it’ll all be alright’. 
Jenny has toured across Canada three times since her debut's independent release in 2015, amongst which, she opened and collaborated with Netwerk’s Jon Bryant for his Twenty Something Tour in 2016. On her first tour, she joined forces with an assortment of artists, putting together a documentary, featured on Global News, called 'Where We Come Home'. Also Notable, 'Boars' off flowering head is featured on the second season of 'The Drive', a web series titled after Commercial Drive, the very street Jenny lives on. Most recently, she returned home from a month long journey across the UK. Though unofficial and unplanned, she was not deterred from performing last minute gigs on borrowed guitars. Jenny spares little time elsewhere than the loft room of the old heritage home she currently resides, musing and collecting. And as she continues, one can only expect what instinctively bears her notice- providing the greys of the world with the illuminating sounds that are an extension of her solace.  


Andy Shauf, Patrick Watson, Josh Garrels, Garth Stevenson